How I healed myself naturally, without any treatment (PCOS, allergies, acne, ORL issues…)

How I healed myself naturally, without any treatment  (PCOS, allergies, acne, ORL issues…)

I wanted to write this for a long time, although it is a quite personal subject.
Many friends and relatives are having health issues, and in a brief hope to help them, as well as whoever feel concerned by his health, I hope this article could help, even a little bit.
– I’m not a doctor, this article is only referring to my own experience and research –

I spent around 10 years surfing on internet, meeting health specialists, naturopaths, doctors of any kind, trying various treatments and buying expensive drugs, complements…
None of them has been able to “treat” me.
At the best, they tried to hide some symptoms, but never went to the core of the problem. Worst, some doctors told me my condition is incurable and that I just have to live with it.
What a thing to hear…
Somehow, something inside of me was telling me that, this speech sounds wrong.

I finally got over all my health issues by myself.

By learning and acknowledging exactly what’s happening in my bodyunderstanding its mechanisms, what is the root cause that made this happen, and how to treat it. This time I didn’t follow any strict diet, protocol, didn’t buy any dietary complements or expensive treatments.
Because in reality what you need is much more easy than you think.

And I believe that is the KEY. To learn to know yourself.

That is actually surprising to realize how unaware we are of our own feelings and of our body; it was so hard for me at first to be conscious of what I feel.

The most important thing I  understood is that our body has a tremendous power to heal itself if you let him do it.

That is called Homeostasis.

An essential characteristic that possess every living thing to regenerate itself. When we cut ourselves, the wound heal even if you don’t take any treatment right?

The main problem is that, for many reasons, we  prevent this process to happen in our body, making him unable to restore itself fully.
You may suffer from various symptoms just like me, but the reason for the body to develop symptoms is the same for everyone:
There is an imbalance in the body, and the body tries to restore it.

You need to understand that,
A symptom is only a natural mechanism for your body to keep the problem from getting worse and preserve your vitals capacities, preserve you from death.
I see so many people fighting the symptom, only the symptom… The symptom is not the problem! 
It is actually a chance for you to notice something’s wrong, so that you can be aware of it and make adjustments.

Let me explain this better, and illustrate it with my example.


I had many bothering symptoms and problems since childhood :

Allergies, skin problems, teeth-grinding, Raynaud’s disease, low immunity with recurrent fevers, cold sores

In my twenties I developed hormonal issues labelled as PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and Endometriosis, which caused me the most difficult to live symptoms because very visible: hair loss, acne, accompanied with horrible mood swings and period pain.

To hear that PCOS could make me unable to conceive has been a shock.
It seems like my hormonal imbalance started very young, because my period has  never been regular from the start. I got it very late, in my seventeen, and no one around me at this time thought it was abnormal, an alert of my body (I only recently got it to be regular and light).
I had some ORL problems as well: constant tinnitus, headaches. And regular inflammations diseases such as tonsillitis, tendonitis.
I also had big digestion issues but was unfortunately totally unaware of it!
The tonsillitis was actually enhanced by the gastric reflux I had, but I couldn’t really tell I had reflux…

When I’ve first been asked if I have digestion problem I would say no.
I didn’t have any stomach pain so was thinking everything’s OK.
The lower part of my belly would actually inflate a lot after each meal, but I would consider it normal.
However, bloating is a very clear sign of too much gas excretion, caused itself by an imbalance in the intestinal bacterial population, the microbiota.

Then, I’ve been asked one day how many times I go to the toilet (feces) and when I said twice a week, the specialist made big round eyes explaining me I was extremely constipated.
I have been very underweight since my young age despite a pretty big appetite, eating a lot everyday, and I had always been wondering why.
But nobody really found reasons to this, and doctors would just told me “that’s genetic, your body functions like that, you may have a high metabolism”.
Which is not a reason at all.
Genetic can explain your weakness, why you’re keen to develop some symptoms more than others, but those symptoms would only appear if you build an inappropriate environment for your body. In a healthy body, no issue will occur, whatever any genetic weakness you have.

So, I’ve started to understand that I have big digestion issues.

But damn, it took me so long to understand this!!
Before I did, I had many treatments to try ‘treating’ the problems, symptoms I had: contraceptive pill to ‘settle’ my period and acne, antibiotics… which all had on me severe second effects.
Anyway my digestion problems were actually the core of every problems, every symptoms I encountered.
I understood this after A LOT of documentation and personal research.  But no one ever told me that.
I still can’t believe how useless it was to take those medications without treating the core problem itself.

On the contrary, those pills and antibiotics made my general health much worse. When I had to stop the contraceptive pill (too much bad effects and blood circulation problems) a hell of symptoms was showing off, worse than before, and this is no surprise when you know how act those medications in your body.
Also, trying to treat all those symptoms separately was the biggest mistake. Because all those different symptoms were all caused by one and only problem, which is the congestion and imbalance in my body.

What was the real source of all my symptoms

So yeah, digestion.
How you digest food (and also emotions!) is the key.

By not being able to digest correctly the food I ingested for many years, and not being able to excrete it correctly either, my body started to be congested. It started to lack of a lot of essentials elements and the imbalance took place more and more.
I didn’t pay attention to many little signs I was receiving since my young age, and had a very inappropriate alimentation, considering the poor microbiota I had at this time.
Talking with my mother, I know that she had been severely ill when she was young, and was very tired when she gave birth to me.
The thing is, the microbiota you inherit is going to have a real impact on your ability to digest food and your general immunity.
I had absolutely no idea of the importance of the bacteria flora in health, although it is something so vital!
Well, they sell a lot of books about this subject now, the gut, the microbiota.

We’re all born with a different heritage:
The microbiota you received is the one of your mother when she gave birth to you, and according to your mother’s biota condition, yours will be more or less rich in bacterias, giving you more or less digestion facilities.
This is why some people can tolerate to eat a lot of things while some have a more delicate condition. This is a very unique, personal heritage.

But, if you happen to have received a poor microbiota as mine, don’t worry!
You can change it and get it richer with the right alimentation, we’ll talk about this after.

So, the main cause was this digestive issue (ingestion as well as excretion) which itself lead to a general imbalance in my body.
I could make a very complicated article and bombard you with many scientific terms to make it look , but actually it is very simple.

You only need to understand this  :

Our body has only one natural basic need: to absorb nutrients, and to eliminate waste.
If both of these conditions are not respected, the imbalance is going to take place.

Our cells constantly live and produce acid waste, acidic by-products, and you need to remove this waste because cells are designed to function in an alkaline environment.
We are an alkaline specie, our blood is alkaline, and can’t tolerate all those waste too long since it shall not be acidic.
So we all produce a lot of acidic products, by eating, by doing sport, thinking, by going through stress (maybe the most important acid-maker!) in one word, by living.
The more we have an inappropriate environment, with a lot of stress, a lot of nervous pressure, a high forming-acid alimentation, etc, the more we add a bunch of acids to the cell.
Hence the cell needs to eliminate this acid via the lymph, so it can keep its alkalinity, and be able to reproduce itself correctly.
(About thousands of cells die and reproduce themselves each minute we live).

The problem is that most of us, coated in our modern lifestyle, produce a lot of acid. Way too much than we should.
And we enhance this excess by a great lack of elimination : our sedentary life keep us static, we generally don’t move a lot to let the lymph circulate and make his job.

In my case, I can’t say I’d had a really stressful life, my environment wasn’t so bad.
I believe stress can come not only from outside, but from inside. It can be a state of mind and habit we create, and let grow. Well, it was for me, and I still work on it. My parents are also the pretty anxious type of person, and they definitively conveyed, unintentionally,  this habit to stress over little things easily.
This is also something you can change, you don’t have to put yourself in a category “I’m this kind of person”.
We change constantly, as our billion of cells, and there’s no logic reason that would explain we can’t change a character feature.

Bad digestion for maybe 20 years, stress, non-physiologic non-adapted alimentation…
All those characteristics reunited made me create a huge amount of acid, which started to stagnate in my lymph, clogged up with all this waste.
Therefore cells started to work less efficiently, some organs itself started to be less and less efficient.
The liver struggles, the adrenal gland, the thyroid.. and so on.

1. The general inflammatory state

A lot of my issues were based on inflammation.
If you have regular inflammations (for example  arthritis, cystitis, otitis, colitis… Many diseases ending in -itis) you should know that the inflammatory mechanism is an adaptive mechanism in the body.

When an area is injured, inflammation will happen : the distension of tissues enable white cells, the great cleaners of the system, as well as minerals and bacterias to reach this area.

But why does the body need to clean this, why does the inflammation happen?

Most of time, because of an accumulation of acid waste.
Inflammation is just an immune response.
And if there’s too much to clean, the inflammation spreads out, which can be dangerous for the tissues themselves : At this time, the adrenal glands produce an hormone called cortisol, transformed in cortisone.
As a regular auto-mechanism, the anti-inflammatory mechanism is also provided in the body, so this cortisone is produced to regulate the inflammation.
This cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands, our nervous-system regulator.

But there is so much to clean, and these glands are already so much solicited  -with your crazy pace of life, overstimulation of your nerves, lack of sleep…-
that they can’t produce enough neurotransmitters for your nervous system.

This is also why you might feel the need to have energy stimulants :
coffee, alcohol, rich food…
While the inflammation increases.

Your tissues, organs, intestines are inflamed, your whole ORL sphere, you even have difficulties to think correctly, to concentrate, to sleep well.
Because when the brain itself is inflamed, the neurotransmitters are destroyed, and your cognitive process don’t work properly.
This general inflammation of the body only occurs because of the overabundance of acids, coming from your diet, lifestyle, the lack of cortisol coming from your exhaustion, and because you don’t allow your body to expel waste as it should.
This inflammation growing for years get many of us chronically tired, and more and more depressed.
However all you have to do is, first, to start slowing down! Let the adrenals glands have a little rest, stop the various overstimulation of your system. In one word: let your body the condition to regenerate itself, rather than denying everything, denying your tiredness, and making it worse day after day, your inner condition of general exhaustion and inflammation.

 You can eat the best food in the world, cover up yourself with tons of coffee and stimulants, if this waste is not eliminated, you won’t get the nutrients from your food because your body is just clogged up from all parts and unable to absorb them.

Besides, just a few words for those facing overweight problems. You should just know this:
A third mechanism that the body uses to eliminate the excessive acid, is to stock it up in fat:
Because we don’t have enough time to evacuate those acids, to release them through the emunctories, the exit doors, the body store them.
This is how we get lovely amount of fat around the belly, the butt…

You actually don’t need to retain yourself from eating if you want to loose this, you just have to decrease toxicity to loose this fat!

Not eating less but eat better, while making easier the release of these toxic wastes.

So first, all you need is to get rid of this acid waste and toxins —->

2. The lack of waste elimination

We have 4 main emunctories, ‘exit doors’ in the body :

The main one, the intestine and colon.
The second one, the urine through the kidneys.
Third, the lungs, which have a cleansing function too.
And last one, the skin.

So… Yes, your skin diseases… they are not really diseases.
They occur when the three first main evacuation functions are too clogged to work correctly: the waste which can’t go out by those doors will go out through the skin.

If you have skin problems, you necessarily have elimination issues.

No need to spend in expensive skin creams and supplements. Even if you could notice a slight difference, all the money and energy you’ll spend to treat your skin is useless compared to the result you would have by treating this elimination issue.

There are many ways to help the evacuation function in the body to work properly, and I’ll make another article about this because there’s a lot to say.
But I guess the first thing to do is to get rid of the constipation if you do have one (you’re supposed to eliminate your food after every meal, but let’s say at least once a day is already a good start)

3. The general demineralisation

Another very important consequence which occur when the body is clogged with acidic products, is the demineralisation :

To neutralize those acids, the immune system will pump all the electrolytes (minerals) in the body.
By doing this, he makes the cells neutral (because one acid + one mineral = neutral product) and can finally evacuate the neutral product.
So your body will literally take minerals directly in your tissues, and your tissues will be damaged if the body takes too many minerals.

All our life long we consume minerals, because we create acid, and this is why we need to balance it with a huge dose of alkaline compounds and minerals.

Now you may wonder what contains a huge dose of alkaline compounds and minerals ?

How to restore and rebalance the body

Once again, the answer will be really, really simple.

What contains a huge dose of alkaline compounds and minerals is nothing else that fruits and vegetables.

All the rest is acid-making : Meat, grains, diaries, coffee..
While I don’t say you should stop everything (well, ideally yes, for a while) trying to avoid them in profit to fruits and vegetable will be your strongest tool.

All of them are good, especially the green ones, filled with chlorophyll. These simple materials coming directly from ground and sunlight, are the only food you can eat which is, digestively speaking, not acid-forming, and will help replenish your alkaline and mineral reserves, along rebalancing the excessive amount of acid which is deteriorating your body in every sphere.

There are no special diets, complicated protocol to follow.
Only to assure yourself to ingest a huge quantity of veggies and fruits to replenish your extremely low mineral bank account.

Honestly, I didn’t even stopped to eat a lot of things like grains, especially. And the healing still happened.
But I considerable reduced its amount so that it doesn’t constitute my main meal anymore. I wasn’t especially having a very bad alimentation before, I was eating pretty various, but so many refined products, biscuits, so many meat, coffee… so many hard to digest & acid-forming food, that would stuck and ferment in my intestines.
This food habit change is so important.

Also, it would be ideal to eat a big part of your vegetables raw to preserve all the vitamins and minerals -which go through a chemical change and are not so bio-absorbable when heated up-
Because, the fibers contained in raw vegetables may be hard to digest for some people just like me who have porous intestines (because of years of congestion and constipation) so, the best alternative is to make raw juices, using a juice extractor.
This way you can enjoy a huge quantity of veggies without fiber, making it fully  and easily absorbable by your intestines.

I’m sure you heard about people being crazy about green juices, making it a real healthy treat. This is not a lie but actually only true if you also assure a perfect waste elimination in your body.
There would be no real use to drink raw green juices and continuing swallowing ultra acid-forming food, or by staying ultra constipated.

Last thing, buying local and high quality products should not be an option : Vegetables which grew in over-exploited undergrounds, at fast speed with the use of various products and pesticides, sometimes without sun, are literally “dead” vegetables with almost no nutrients.
They need to collect their mineral and nutrients contents in the ground, but if this is practically dead from over-exploitation and, how can they absorb and create nutrients?
You should try to favour a maximum organic and local products, which grew in a fertile and rich ground, and not an ultra exploited soil.
I don’t even talk about the side-effects of pesticides residues on health, which act as strong endocrine disruptors.

Anyway, no need to enter in any strict protocol.
Starting by adding a bunch of minerals is already a great step, just go at your own rhythm.

As for me, I just started to increase this amount of alkaline compounds progressively, and I essentially stopped to eat meat and diaries since they were a big trigger hormonally-speaking.
That was essential for me to help with my great hormonal disorder.
It took me a few months to see my PCOS disappeared, and all of its consequences with it.

Replenish your microbiota

Having this great amount of greens and fruits will also assure a replenishment of your microbiota.
You can help this process by eating lacto-fermented vegetables, and other any fermented products very rich in living bacterias, that would help to repopulate your biota and help you to have a better digestion.

Because, you may have no idea but, we would be totally unable to digest anything without these bacterias… They are the star actors and make everything for you, they cut and breakdown the food.
We couldn’t absorb our food and wouldn’t even be living without them.

This is why antibiotic are such a crime against health. They kill all bacterias without any distinction, not only the “bad”ones, or let’s rather say, the excessive ones.
You might need to spend a very long time to correct the mess that antibiotics did to your biota.

Having myself a big imbalance in my biota with an overgrowth of some bacterias, I tried many treatments and strict diets at first to get rid of those populations known such as candida, among others.
I tried in particular the treatment of a certain Dr. Mouton, who uses a variety of essential oils and dietary supplements here to kill some bacterias.
I also tried for a while the no-sugar diet… (in order to starve these bacterias to death since they nourish themselves exclusively from glucose)

Why it didn’t work?

You may treat the problem for a while with this, but he will definitely come back. Because the condition that made you create this imbalance is still the same.
Theses bacterias are here to clean the mess of the huge waste stuck up in your intestines, they’re not here by coincidence.
So if you still have this over-waste stuck in your body, they’ll always end up coming to your rescue, because you actually need them.

The problem is that they are the source of by-products such as toxic gas, like methylene, a neurotoxic, and their overgrowth is a nuisance to other bacteria populations.
In my case, these superabundant populations created an imbalance in which the food I ingested nourished them more than me. This is why I could hardly gain weight, as well as all the nutrients in my food.
My food wasn’t split efficiently by the right bacterias, still presents but comparatively  in a very poor number.
I know many people have the inverse problem, they can eat just a little bit and gain weight immediately.
They also have an overabundance of some bacterias, an imbalance created by their lack of waste elimination.

So, lower the amount of your waste is the only answer.
These bacterias will also lower accordingly.
Then you can start introducing an abundance of bacteria friendly food.

There is another bacteria killer, powerful and invisible: it is the huge amount of agro-pesticides and chemical products now commonly used everywhere in agriculture.
A good reason to buy organic, or to locally known producers you can trust.

While changing your alimentation is essential to balance the excess of acid, it is also essential to try to avoid all those excessive acid-forming causes:
Negative feelings and stress are as important as the food you ingest.

The impact of your thoughts

When we talk about alimentation,

it is not only what feeds your stomach, but also what feeds you psychically.

Did you ever had a stomach pain because of stress?
And it suddenly got off after a good news, or when the stress reason disappeared?
Are you unable to eat when you’re stressed or angry?
Do you suddenly realize you were squeezing your hands very tight sometimes?

These are just examples of physical responses to emotions, that we can actually feel and be conscious about.
I experimented this many times, and that’s relevant of how powerful are our feelings, and how they physically impact your body.
Don’t underestimate this.

The state of mind you’re in is maybe even more important to consider than the food you put in your body.

If you don’t believe you could heal, if you stay stuck in some very limited beliefs, that could be the key problem for preventing you to fully heal.

As well, if you’re unhappy in your life, having many frustrations, regrets, you’re very likely to continue creating a huge amount of acids, and whatever you change your alimentation or not could be useless.

Both are related and unavoidable things for you to care about. If you feel you have changes to make in your life, and feelings you’d like to get rid of, it’s never too late to consider it.

If you’re interesting in this, you might also want to read about the law of attraction, or law of manifestation. 🙂
There are many many blogs about it, as well as Youtubers talking about it, and some of them specialize in teaching techniques to change your mind, shift your thoughts so that you can recover your health.
I recommend you to google it, and I’ll write a post about this soon!

In a few words

I can tell you that, by

・ Changing my alimentation
・ Taking care of my emunctories
・ Taking care of the inner stress I was living, as well as changing my lifestyle (adding a little bit of exercise, yoga, meditation)
・ Extending my beliefs / start believing in health

I witnessed almost every of my symptoms gradually disappear. Totally.

I say ‘almost’ because, my mineral replenishment has still a way to go. By convenience, since I’m travelling, I’m recenlty eating a bit too much of congesting food (cereals! they are like a glue in my intestines, which I mistreated for so long, so I’m still a bit weak to this) and that triggers a lot the waste evacuation.

But, god, my skin is normal again! I don’t have any hormonal problem anymore, no PCOS, endometriosis, allergies… I feel greatly energetic, I sleep better.
The list is endless.  

I guess it’s hard for a lot of people to accept that, the solution may not seem easy compared to the one that your conventional doctor might give you.
Taking a drug, some pills with a water glass, to shut up the symptoms, without changing anything in your life is so much easier.

And we’re entirely used to this system. People talking about alimentation like me, about the power of your feelings, etc, are pretty much looked like naive utopist creatures.
Yes, you may have to change your lifestyle and re-adjust a lot of things in your life that can be a hustle at the start, but, this is not a choice.
Your body is speaking for you, you have to learn to listen to him again instead of disregarding it, faking to not hear it.
If you want to feel better, if you want your body to regenerate and come back to its full functions, if you want to enjoy the life fully, have the energy to do anything, you don’t have any other choice than to change things in your life, which are obviously non-adapted for you.
After all, those symptoms only appeared to tell you “Hello, something’s wrong”.
You were just unable to understand it, since you always lived in a society preventing you to feel it, understand it.

They are a blessing in disguise to help you live your life better, have a greater control on all your desires!

There would be so much more things to say and subjects to talk about…
I didn’t even talk about  the endless list of neurologic diseases and behavior disorders, strongly related to your clogged intestines, the toxicity in your brain.
I tried to sum up briefly things I learned but, if you’re curious and would like to learn more, about anything in details, I recommend you to have a look at this guy’s videos :

Unfortunately he’s french and only two of his videos have english subtitles, but he published around, get ready, 1000 videos (every video lasts between 20 minutes and 2 hours)  with the only aim to transmit knowledge and make you understand what is wrong, why, and how to heal yourself.
He doesn’t give any miracle recipe, just explains you what you need to know.

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