Cheapest, Healthiest meal in Melbourne, in an idyllic setting

Cheapest, Healthiest meal in Melbourne, in an idyllic setting

“Lentil as anything” : a pay-what-you-feel vegan restaurant

You heard right! That is surprising, isn’t it?
Rare and unique concept in Melbourne, this associative restaurant let you free to pay what you want.

The main venue is situated in Abbostford, just 10 min away from CBD.
Two other venues have opened in Thornsbury, and St Kilda.
(However all the photos here are about Abbostord’s venue)

They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner service, and have wide heaps of spaces for seatings.
The outside seating space is especially great, really relaxing and convivial.

Great quality food : they use mostly vegetables grown in their farm

I feel like the outstanding quality of the food reflects the mind of the association, and of the people working there. That also explains the popularity prosperity of this association:
You will obviously want to pay and value your experience here.

Honestly, it’s maybe the only place in Melbourne where I can eat flavourful meals, with local grown vegetables and real homemade cooking.

At lunch and dinner, it’s a buffet concept. Heaps of choice and a yummy seasonal selection.

At breakfast it’s a regular sit-and-order service.
I came about 5 times to have their pancakes… Cashew nuts cream, coconut, ananas, they just taste like heaven

During the beautiful days you can also have a traditional Sri-lanka Curry, made outside at the terrasse.

Amazing setting in old convent, surrounded by Nature

The restaurant itself takes place in the historic beautiful Abbostford convent, inside a 6,8 hectares of lush gardens.

Right next to the restaurant, you can take a little walk in the gardens and visit the farm, see the horses, sheeps, mugling cows…
I never entered it, but there’s also a little children farm you can visit for a little fee.
A golf valley and boat-house are also joinable by a little walk!

You don’t need to be vegetarian or Vegan to love it!

I’m not a vegan myself (although I rarely eat meat) and all the friends I brought here fell in love with the food.
It’s a shame that vegetarian or healthy food has this image of tasteless and insipid food.

If you feel dubious about it, I can promise you’ll be surprised and won’t regret it.

Everything here is just amazingly good.

Bonus : Live music all the weekend

How to start a better day than having a breakfast or lunch outside in the summer breeze, having a band playing some jazzy or poppy music in the background?

No worries they’re also here in winter and play inside, in this cute little stage

Feel like volunteering?

So, most of the friendly staff working here are volunteers!
Cooks, Kitchen hands, Baristas, Waiters and Waitress…
If you feel like trying a new experience, upgrade your social, hospitality skills, or simply like helping the cause of the restaurant, you can join them very easily.

Have a look at their website Lentil as anything or their Facebook page


1/3 St Heliers St, Abbotsford
Melbourne, Victoria, 3067

Breakfast 9:00am to 11:30pm / Lunch 12:00am to 4:00pm / Dinner 5:30pm to 9:00pm

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