Barista courses in Melbourne

Barista courses in Melbourne

Do you want to learn how to brew great coffee at home? Curious to know how to pour Latte art?
Or do you dream to start a career in the coffee industry ?
Taking courses is obviously the best stress-free and quickest solution.

You can also learn to be Barista without entering a school.
(See my post about How to be Barista without experience)
But severals schools are available in Melbourne and offer many different options.

Which course should I choose?
Which school ?

Let’s see what Melbourne can offer to you.

1. One day Barista courses

These are short-term courses which generally last 3, 4 or 5 hours.

If you’re totally new to specialty coffee world, that can be a good option.
They will teach you the basis about coffee and Barista occupation.

That goes from the chemistry in coffee beans components, to how to use a coffee machine and prepare the basics beverages.
You’ll also learn about the many different parameters which play a fundamental role in the taste of your coffee cup :
The size of the ground coffee beans, the brew ratio, the temperature of milk, the way to tamp…

Some courses offer a short practicing time. You can learn the tricks of how to steam milk correctly to pour latte art.

However, being able to steam a good milk constantly and pour latte art beautifully are things you’ll only learn with a lot of practice and time.
Unless you’re an extraordinary person with magic hands, you won’t be able to master latte art in such a short amount of time.

2. Specific courses : Latte art, Milk texturing, Pour over, Espresso…

These courses are also very short, 2 to 4 hours.
They represent a good option for people who already have good basis, and need to learn about a specific field.
Or for people who are just interested in brewing good coffee at home.

I’ve attended a Latte art course, and been able to practice for 3 hours with a very experienced Barista. You may not be able to pour amazing latte art with this course but, many people still ended up being able to pour a heart in their coffee!

3. Specialised coffee courses & Barista trainings

Some schools and roasters offer very comprehensive courses from 12, or 20 hours, to sometimes 3 or 4 weeks.

Especially conceived for people who desire to start a career in the industry, they’ll teach you about every aspect and include a big part of training and practice.

Some of them are pretty famous and have been recommended to me by barista friends. Have a look here :

Cote terra

Five senses

Bonus : Coffee cuppings and other FREE events

Melbourne hosts a great coffee lovers community.
Therefore, many cafes, roasters, and individuals run regularly events about coffee!

Coffee cupping, roasting initiation, Latte art smackdown, Cold brew competition…
These events are free and open to anyone.

If you love coffee and want to learn more about it, as well as meet nice folks sharing the same passion, you should definitely join it.
You can find these events via Facebook or Instagram, on the page / account of some cafes.

Melbournecoffeeevents on Instagram gathers some upcoming events, really useful.

And many cafes runs regular, weekly coffee cuppings.
Check their website or SNS pages to see their schedules:

Seven seed

Code black


Aunty Pegg (Proud Mary)

Rumble coffee

Vertue coffee

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