A day in Fitzroy: enjoy the retro Melbourne & its hidden cafes

A day in Fitzroy: enjoy the retro Melbourne & its hidden cafes

Fitzroy is Melbourne’s vintage precinct.

If you like to wander in the streets evanescently and let your shoes guide you to some kind of magic hidden shops and cafes, you should like spending time here.
After only a few hours around, and walking by so many shops thinking “Oh my god I have to go back there next time”, I’d like to show you the little gems I found today.

Vintage Cafes, Thrift stores, Vinyl record shops, Concerts

Deciding where to have lunch was a quasi-impossible choice to make within highly competitive venues whose food pics all look amazing, but we made our choice on this fabulous psychedelic Cafe:

Grub Fitzroy

Pictures talk by themselves and let you see the funky retro, green, along the almost sci-fi decoration set up building this unique atmosphere.
But the most fabulous thing of all was the food!
It was honestly, I think, the best lunch I had since I’m in this town.

There was a lot of Japanese inspiration ideas on the menu and I opted for this grilled salmon with crispy seaweed crackers and wasabi sprinkled cabbage. Tasted amazing.
Coffee was also excellent, they use Duke coffee roaster’s beans which is a fairly good choice.
I can’t wait to go back this place on a sunny sunday morning to chill on their terrace and try their scrumptious breakfast!

Vinyl Record shop

We walked a few meters and went into one the multiple record shops. A catchy 80’s song wrapped us in. A vinyl record shop is always a good place to chill in groove and maybe find some treasures.

Thrift store

Thrift stores are all the way around, and judging by their window display many have a very cool selection of clothes, shoes, hats.. and some of them seem to focus on Rock, Grunge or Bohemian style, so whatever you’re looking for there should be something fitting your inner needs.

Stationery shop & its hidden warehouse Cafe

I don’t know about you, but I love to errand in stationery shops as well, even if I don’t have any particular things I need to buy.
You can see many lovely notebooks, postcards, old papers (you don’t know how you would use them for but you feel like buying them) and always end up finding some good idea presents.
There was a spacious indu’ style cafe hidden in the backyard, I so didn’t expect to see a cafe there. Added on the to-go-next-time list.

Lost and found Market

This huge vintage market (1000 metre square) is a warehouse  full of fashion, furniture, art, records, and many various items. I ever found vintage sewing patterns from the 60’s and 70’s, super cool sunglasses and a nicely preserved coffee grinder from Peugeot.
The only thing I would look down is that many items are quite overpriced, but you could easily spend several hours digging through all these antiquities.

Free live in a bar

At the end of the day, just enter hazardously some bar, and you could find unexpected free live somewhere.
There’s also so many live houses, bars and pubs everywhere, you can’t miss your chance!

Fitzroy is such a magic hideout for food, fashion and music lovers.
If you’re travelling in Melbourne and want to get out from the busy central disctrict to see a very authentic melburnian area, just grab a tram’ : it’s only 5-10 minutes from CBD!

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